Why Tablets Are A Great Starting Point In Your mLearning Journey

Why Tablets Are A Great Starting Point In Your mLearning JourneyWe’re passionate about mobile and tablet learning – as you would have noticed from several articles on our blog. We have been deeply intrigued by the slow uptake of mobile learning in spite of the huge potential it presents. In some of our articles, we’ve noted that while the potential is easy for all to see, the path to implementation is not bereft of challenges.


That’s why we continue to feel that tablets are a great first step towards mLearning. I’ve written earlier about tablets being a game changer and how the iPad is driving the move of eLearning to HTML5. As high as 80% of our bespoke (custom) eLearning projects are now targeting tablets (mainly iPads) as primary or secondary devices for delivery (desktops being the primary target in the latter cases). I’ve recently done a short animated video for worklearnmobile.org on why tablets are a great starting point in your mLearning journey. With their permission I present the same video below. Hope this makes sense.

For more information: www.eFOURlearning.com

To see the video, go to:  http://www.upsidelearning.com/blog/index.php/2014/02/10/why-tablets-are-a-great-starting-point-in-your-mlearning-journey/

Originally posted by Amit Garg in Upside Learning


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