ABL Shows TechNet Best DIACAP Validator Course

Just found this while “surfing”!   Our Teaming Partner; Advanced Business Learning (ABL)….

Content Source: AFCEA Website

Validator course DIACAP training at TechNet Augusta Show

The overall theme of TechNet Augusta 2013 is “Modernizing for Network 2020 and Beyond:  Empower, Connect, Dominate!”  The overall focus is on Army ground forces, including Joint component interface, other Department of Defense Organizations, Inter-Agency, Industry, and Academia.  Presentations, panels, and track sessions will highlight empowerment of Soldiers on the battlefield through training, different methodologies for connecting through enhanced technology, and command and control functions to enable the U.S. Armed Forces to dominate the battlefield.  Government, industry, and academia speakers will address a broad range of topics and focus on the importance of the network, security issues, and training to enable operational forces to modernize and be ready to meet emerging challenges in 2020 and beyond.

BECOME a DIACAP Certified Validator

Validator DIACAP 201 – VA Reimbursement Approved

(view TechNet booths and Advanced Business Learning) to learn about the benefits and job security that DIACAP Validators enjoy. Students get the skills required to build accreditation packages with the confidence their system will received the critical ATO (Authority to Operate) in a DoD environment.

Courses are 5 Days of both Instructor Led classroom and instructor monitors real gear labs.

All instruction by SENTEK Global, a Top Gun quality training and assessment organization.

The cost is less than most and the skills learned are better than most.

Learn more by visiting: www.eFOURlearning.com


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