A little about me….

After serving four years in the Marine Corps (Boot Camp in Parris Island, three years at 29 Palms CA and my last year at Iwakuni Japan, Korea and Okinawa as a 1371; Combat Engineer), I moved to Boston and attended Northeastern University.

I graduated NU with a BS in Mass Communications and went to work for “Corp America”.I moved to NY and worked for American Banknote in the Holography division.  I then moved back to Boston (Nashua NH) went to work for Polaroid in their Holography division.  Polaroid shut down the division after the takeover attempt by Stanley Gold in 1987.  I left Polaroid and went to a rock-solid “safe-house” American Express in 1989.  After a year and a half, AmEx laid my division off…  I started a small outsourced-marketing firm and did really well for several years.

I had the opportunity to go to work for VTEL, a videoconferencing company based out of Austin TX.  My role was to develop, market and help sell desktop video.  After four years my managers left to start VCON, an IP specific desktop solution.  I moved over to VCON and started selling IP desktop video.  I was on the 39th floor of WTC-1 visiting Lehman Brothers on 9-11 when the first plane hit the building…

I was compelled to write my story simply because it was such a huge piece of US history and it helped me purge the pent-up emotions and horrors I saw that day.

I don’t like to say “enjoy” but simply don’t forget….   Bob.


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